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               VOL. #2

LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE #2:  A collection of 22 stories by 22 talented crime writers. Stories are set in Europe and America in the past, present and future, all around the theme, "Every stolen vote is a crime."

Stephen Buehler's story is: Nicking Votes

Some authors: Travis Richardson, Sarah M. Chen, Gary Phillips, Robert Lopresti, Gabriel Valjan and many more.

Available Now in E-Book / Paperback July 4, 2020!

Stephen Buehler is a mystery author who blends in his unique sense of humor. He has written short-short stories, short stories and novels.  He lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Seymour, who is not an author but lies around the house like one.

Stephen’s short story, NICKING VOTES appears in the anthology - LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTES #2 - July 4, 2020.


"GIRL OF 100 LISTS - based on a Go-Gos song -appears in the MURDER A GO-GO's Anthology.

SETH'S BIG MOVE appears in the LAST RESORT anthology-April 2017. A short short story, NOT MY DAY, was part of the LAST EXIT TO MURDER  collection and a Derringer Award nominee. A JOB'S A JOB was published in BELIEVE ME NOT - AN UNREALIABLE ANTHOLOGY. He has several other short stories online.


He  has recently finished writing, THE MINDREADING MURDERS,  a mystery novel seeped in magicians, psychics and of  course, murder. He is currently working on long lost PI Novel, IF THE GUMSHOE FITS, that gives clues to a current mystery and of course, more short stories.



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